VA Disability Compensation

Disability Compensation & Other Programs

Getting VA Disability Compensation means you can also get help from many other benefits, programs, and services.

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) helps Michigan veterans and their families connect to services and benefits statewide. MVAA offers:

Depending on your level of disability and other factors, once you get VA Disability Compensation, you may qualify for other state and federal benefits.

Benefit Payments:


Employment / Business:


If the VA rates your disability or disabilities as “total and permanent,” you may qualify for some other programs, including:

If you have a disability, you may also qualify for federal Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, no matter what your VA service-connected disability is. Learn more about it in DB101’s SSDI article.

For more information, the Michigan Legislature has a brochure on veterans benefits and services, and the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency lists benefits and resources.

Disability Compensation and work

Usually, you can still work if you get VA Disability Compensation, unless you get extra payments based on Individual Unemployability (IU). If you get IU benefits, you typically cannot have a job unless you earn less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) or you work in a sheltered environment (you don’t have to meet the same standards as other employees in the same job).

If you get IU, you need to be careful even if you are working as a volunteer. If the VA decides that the type and amount of unpaid work that you are doing shows that you are employable, your IU benefits can be taken away.

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