Getting Past the Myths

Myth 5: I Can't Get Help Finding Work

I have no idea about how to go about finding and keeping a job. Is there anyone who can help me?

It can be hard looking for and finding a job if you think you have to do it all on your own. However, several excellent state and national resources can give you the support you need. These organizations can help you prepare for your job search, find a job that’s right for you, and offer advice and support services to help you keep your job.

Michigan Works! Service Centers

The Michigan Works! One Stop Service Centers offer jobseekers free services, including job placement, skills assessments, job training, career counseling, resume development, mock interviews, and workshops.

You can get some services online at Pure Michigan Talent Connect or you can go to a Michigan Works! Service Center in person. To find a Michigan Works! Service Center near you, call 1-800-285-9675 (1-800-285-WORKS) or visit to search for nearby One Stop Service Centers.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS)

Michigan Rehabilitation Services can help you prepare for, find, and keep work. To get services from MRS, you must have a physical or mental disability that makes it difficult for you to find and keep a job. If you are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) based on your disability, you are generally eligible for MRS services.

The services MRS offers vary depending on the needs of each person. MRS works with you to figure out which services you need. You and an MRS counselor develop a plan to help you reach your work goals. Visit the MRS website to learn more about MRS services and how to apply, and to find your local MRS office. You can call MRS at 1-800-605-6722.

If you are blind, the Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) offers similar services.

Michigan Career & Technical Institute (MCTI)

MCTI provides vocational and technical training programs with supportive services for Michigan residents with disabilities. The goal is to prepare for successful employment. Tuition and room and board in the dormitory are free for eligible adults who have a physical or mental disability. Learn more about MCTI or look at the MCTI catalog.

Ticket to Work

The Ticket to Work program is designed to help people with disabilities find and keep work. If you are 18 – 64 years old and are getting SSI or SSDI benefits, you can participate in this program. With the Ticket to Work program, you can access employment-related services and supports from Employment Networks (ENs), including training, job placement, job coaching, and vocational assessments. Visit the TTW website to search for an EN in your area or to learn more about the Ticket to Work program.

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